A limited-edition cement formulated for all structural and general masonry works.

  • Kolos One is a limited-edition cement added in our catalogue in a solidarity effort to help Mauritians complete their projects. This structural cement has been designed to fulfil general masonry.
  • The cement complies with the Mauritian Standard MS 36-3.
  • Users are requested to respect the dosages and refer to the instructions on the packaging and consult engineers and professionals¬† for technical advices.
  • It is recommended to use cement 30 days after the day of bagging that appears on the edge of the bag. It is also recommended to have a proper stock management in order to avoid dead stocks.
  • CEM II/B-M (LL-Z) 32.5 N-TU

Important note:
  • There are no minimum order for the pick-up point of Kolos Building Materials of Phoenix, Union Park and Saint Julien. Customers can order from 1 bag and up.
  • The minimum order for the pick-up point of Kolos Cement Ltd at Port Louis is 86 bags. At Kolos Cement Ltd, Port Louis, customers can only order multiples of 86 bags. (86, 172, 258, 344, 430, etc..)
Rs 159.00
(incl. VAT)

Customers can only order multiple of 86 bags (86, 172, 258, 344, 430, etc.) at Kolos Cement Ltd Port Louis.
The minimum order for delivery is 172 bags.